Design of 7 regional tv-station websites

Design of the 7 regional tv-stations websites

Building news sites is not an easy task, there are literately hundreds of scenarios and combinations with different module you need to take into account, designing one unified system for 7 separate TV stations with each their unique look, if they so desire, is an even more complicated task. But thanks to a well-structured and highly professional client, who did not only know what they wanted but more important what they needed, this project became a joy to work on.

What you see here is only a tip of the iceberg, behind the scene there is a large handful of special build modules each fine-tuned to x amount for breaking points, mobile and tablet have in many cases altered designs for better viewing, to top it all off, the client may build and change the layout of each page in anyway they so desire, the combinations here are endless.

My role: Art direction, Graphics design, assisting concept development

Where/when: Peytz & Co