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2011 Tuborg launched a new beer targeting the eastern European marked, we were asked to make a splash in the nightlife

Pre-party at our place is a digital tool for creating and sharing parties

Tuborg Cold Shot beer was a nightlife beer targeted for hipsters and start twenties partygoers, to give the right splash in the community the main goal was to brand the beer via mouth-to-mouth, which lead us the idea of co-branding the beer with a party-service we called “pre-party at our place”.

So how does it work, via the pre-party at our place Website and App, users was able to create public parties or events, share and invite friends, look for parties near your location, browse attendees to the party, check-in at a that party as well as rating the party.

Along side with the party-service, a series of release and pre-parties was also initiated as part of the branding of cold shot.

My role: Concept assistant, digital designer, graphics design and technical project management.

Where/when: while working at Geist McCann Copenhagen