Calendars does not need to be doll and conservative

Concept and design of a new calendar system

EASE calendar is an experimental re-design of the typical calendar system, the idea popped to my mind, while investigating the number of the current week, a fairly vital information which is often presented in an overcomplicated way or entirely hidden from the user, time after time I fond myself googeling ‘what week is it’, another thing that have puzzled me for a ages is, we always talk about a year as being a circle starting over and over again, 12 month from 1 to 12, 4 seasons etc., but calendars uses a linear and often over schematically approach, which in my opinion blurs the sense of time.

The 360 degree calendar concept was born, a circle represent a full year, the user can quickly see what month, week and season it is, as well as a quick overview of appointments week pr. week.

Currently this is just a concept, if you are an investor don’t hesitate to contact me.

My role: Concept, Art Director, design

Where/when: Private project