Electronics, interfaces and installation design

Cardboard spaceships

Ever since I was a child I’ve been tinkering with electronics, from imaginary spaceships made of cardboard and old wires to larger robotic installations with art groups like BBM.de, it have always been a great passion of mine to build things and experiment with ways to blur the lines between the physical and digital world.

I don’t get around to play much with electronics and pic-micro programming these days, but in my everyday screen based work, i am still benefitting greatly from the knowledge and insights I have gain from building installations, robots, interfaces as well as how people interacted with these.


A sneak peek

On this page you will find a selection of projects I made doing my Master degree in Interaction design from 1999 to 2005. The theme of this period of my life was ‘experimental physical interface design’, with a keen focus on electronics, UX and coding realtime experiences.

To mention a few: Gyroscopic mouse interface, an odd looking contraption you would flip and rotate to create fantastic visual structures. InterFig a Toy interface to win back the physical play by dividing the game into a physical and digital part, first battle with your friends by shaking and punching the interface and then watch the game unfold in the digital world. Enchanted ceiling a module based system for dynamically creating walls anywhere needed in the office space as well as creating responsive architectural sculptures.