Art, Games and code

Passion for creative code and gadgets

Beside my enthusiasm for digital design i got a great passion for games and creative code especially autonomous system and flocking behaviors, it is fascinating how a simple set of rules can create the most marvelous and complex structures, like in the project above, where I calculated a force map based on a bag of potato chips, by first photographing all 161 chips, calculating edges, transforming it into a flow map and then releasing 161 digital fish into the pool… Why… pure curiosity.

Among other projects is SATUGO, a bouncing ball camera, throw the camera into to motive rather than just snapping it, SATUGO is made in collaboration with my good friend Eschel Jacobsen.

Games – a passion in overdrive

Games, I simply love everything about games, gameplay mechanics, character design, game art, AI and game technologies etc. beside enjoying a good evening with games like Battlefield, Diablo 3, Path of exile, star craft, railroad tycoon etc. I like to goof around with game development and game jams, which reminds me a about the old Demoscene, you know what I mean if your from the time with Vectrex, C64 and amigas.

Below and to the side is a few screens of games in progress, further down a handful of other side projects including my iOS apps in Flash Bubbleface and Retro computers.

… and all the other stuff